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Fundraising and Events

Fundraising: Who Pays for What? 

Without these efforts, we would not be able to provide our children with many programs and events. So THANK YOU for your ongoing support!

Paid for by the Board Paid for by SPS Fundraising
Text books Outdoor equipment
Paper Classroom supports
Duotangs, folders, workbooks STEM supports
Desks, tables & chairs Music supports
  School Open House BBQ
  Parents Reaching Out Event

Goals for 2022/2023 Year Fundraising

During the 2022/2023 school year, the council has been working to set up long-term and short-term fundraising goals. 

Short Term Goals:

Our short term goals are to provide access to funds for things students need in their day to day schooling. This will include things like outdoor toys/equipment and activities, STEM items for classrooms, science materials, books etc. The time-line for these short-term goals are to happen within the school year.

Long-Term Goal:

We have been made aware that there are some improvements that the school requires which take greater amounts of funds and longer to achieve. For example, currently, the sound system in the gym needs improvement to make school assemblies and public events more enjoyable. The sound system has been professionally assessed and some minor changes were able to be made for the meantime, but the system is outdated and it is requiring change. Thus, it was determined in Council that the sound system would be the next major long-term fundraising focus for SPS. 

It is a large sum. To make it more manageable, the project was broken down into 3 phases. 

The first phase will be our primary focus, which is to replace the main speakers and sound board. 


To achieve long-term goals, we’ve decided to change slightly how the funds from fundraising are distributed. We will strive to create fundraising events specifically for the Sound System, but in addition to those few events, a portion from any fundraiser (excluding grade 8 trip funds) will be dedicated toward the long-term goal. Because this is a specific goal, the long-term funds will carry forward into the next school year until the goal is reached. 


Phase 1:

  • Renkus-Heinz Two-Way Complex Conic Loudspeaker, 15”x2”, 700 watt, 60x40 - Black
  • C Series DSP Power Amplifier 2 x 950W, Install US
  • Primespec 14-2 Jacketed Speaker Cable, FT-6 Plenum Rated, Per/f
  • Miscellaneous Hardware, Wire Raceway As Needed
  • Shop Supplies - Solder, Misc Hardware, Ties, Tape, Labels etc
  • Installation Labour

Thermometer showing progress towards fundraising goal. $4000 of the $5500 goal has been coloured in green

Stay Tuned to this page to see the progress we’ve made and details for phase 2 and 3!

Upcoming Fundraisers

Fundraisers will be submitted through our online ordering system - School Cash Online, or directly through the company. You can sign in or register for an account at

You will be able to view any current fundraising forms there, as well as listed below. 

Macmillan Fundraiser