School Council » Meetings


Who Attends the Meetings? 

All parents are invited and encouraged to attend the meetings whenever able. It’s a great resource to keep in touch with the happenings at school, and help ease barriers between parents and the school. 

Where are Meetings held?

Meetings are held in person at the school, usually in the library.

What Can I Expect when I Attend?

When you attend, you can simply come to listen in and/or provide suggestions on topics that arise. At the beginning of the year there is an opportunity to serve on the Council who help provide structure. It’s volunteers filling in positions. When attending, the Chair will begin the meeting. There is an agenda that is followed. The Principal gives a report on how the school and students are doing. Agenda items are discussed. There are a couple of other staff members who help provide input as well. Near the end of the meeting, there is opportunity for open floor questions. These can be answered in the meeting, or a directive for how to get those answers will be provided.