School Council

About Your Council

What does Council do?

The Seaforth Public School Parent Council is made up of volunteer parents with children attending SPS in all grade levels. Roles in Council consist of a Chair (or Co-Chair), Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising, Members at Large as well as Staff Members. We seek to help foster the connection between parents, faculty, students and the community by attending monthly meetings discussing needs noted by faculty and parent. We strive to be a support where we can by organizing fundraisers or donation drives to ensure our school and its students have all that it needs to perform their best work. View the full AMDSB council guidelines here. 

How can I contribute?

We’d like to hear from you! If you can join us for our meetings, please do. There is allotted time in the meeting for open floor discussion. Additionally, if you have ideas that you would like to contribute, please do so by using the contact us form. The Chair/Co-Chair(s), or Secretary will be pleased to respond to your request either by providing a direct answer if possible, otherwise it could become an agenda item to discuss and return a response once we know more. If you know of fundraising opportunities or would like to help contribute time and talents, we welcome you!

Isn’t everything provided by the Board of Education?

Yes and No. See the chart on our Fundraising and Events page for more information. 

How can I found out what's being discussed? 

Meeting minutes are distributed after every meeting. View previous meeting minutes on our Meetings page.


Meet your 2022/2023 Council

Co-chairs: Jenn Brown and Amanda Davila
Secretary: Val Dalton
Treasurer: Keshia Engel
Fundraising: Sara Eidt & Bonnie Beuerman 
Members at Large: Aleshia Moore, Michelle Maloney
Staff Members: Heather Dawe, Sarah Gerber, Donna Gregus